Migrated from Blogger to WordPress

So, along with changing web hosts, I have moved from Blogger to WordPress. Dreamhost had a simple 1-click installer for WP 2.0, plus WP 2.0 has an amazingly simple Blogger importer. It logs into Blogger, tweaks your template, republishes, parses the newly-generated pages, and imports them into WP posts.


The only thing I’ve noticed so far that the importer missed was my site subtitle (“Ridiculous ideas. Insightful comments. Blank verse.”), so I changed via the WP admin screens.

Of course, now I have to go through my old posts, which are all “Uncategorized”. Plus, I’ve [temporarily] lost my Google Adsense, my del.icio.us link roll, and of course my hideousbeautiful old template. Still, the ability to have more control over the site is worth it. And WordPress r0X0rs!