Google-Ranking the 50 States

I was thinking this morning about a statistic that I once heard. It stated that the probability of Texas coming up in any given conversation was above 50%. I don’t know if this is actually true, but I think it has some truthiness to it.
This made me wonder about the popularity of the individual 50 states in Google’s index, so I did some quick checking. Here are the top 5 states, with their result count:

California 2,750,000,000
New York 2,450,000,000
Texas 1,340,000,000
Massachusetts 1,170,000,000
Washington 1,030,000,000

Nothing too astonishing there. Texas is a distant 3rd, after New York. Washington made the top 5. I excluded results with “D.C.” and “DC” , but it may be that Washington is still benefitting significantly from our first President and the many things honoring his name.

Here are the bottom 5:

Wyoming 316,000,000
Vermont 294,000,000
West Virginia 286,000,000
North Dakota 278,000,000
South Dakota 254,000,000

Sorry, South Dakota. You got your hide tanned by states with much smaller populations.

I was a little surprised that Virginia ranks 29th (several steps behind even Hawaii and Alaska), given that it’s the “.com capital of the world”, right? ;-)