Unique Properties – Revisited

Back in August, I posted a simple Java utility for sorting out the definitive property value when a property is defined multiple times in a properties file. Here’s a simple Ruby script that does the same thing, but with far fewer bytes:

#Get filename
puts "Enter Properties File Name:"
fname = gets.strip

# Create a unique collection of keys,
# skipping comments
File.readlines(fname).each do |line|
  if line =~ /^([^#.]+)[=,:](.+)/
    propHash[$1.rstrip] = $2.lstrip

#output the results
propHash.keys.each do |k|
  puts "#{k}=" + propHash[k]

Is Raptor a TOAD-eater?

Oracle has released Project Raptor to Early Adopters.

I typically use TOAD when I need to do Oracle-specific DB tasks, like editing PL/SQL, running explain plans, etc. TOAD is a nice tool and has been around forever. But the full version of TOAD is far from being free, and the “free” version that they do offer is limited and annoying to download every couple months.

Raptor seems pretty feature-rich, with lots of built in “reports”, export options, and access to physical storage operations. Performance isn’t bad for a Swing app, either ;-P.

All-in-all, Raptor is pretty appealing, especially now that Oracle has released a free “Express” edition for smaller applications (an obvious attempt to lure in those projects that would otherwise be using MySQL or PostgreSQL).

BTW: Squirrel-SQL is a great tool for multiple database access (using JDBC drivers).

Million Dollar Idea?

The Million Dollar Home Page has been all over the news for the past few days.

I’m not sure if this idea is brilliant or just a flash-in-the-pan gimmick. Then again, how can it be a bad idea if it netted him almost $1 million so far.

The site says that it will be up for 5 years (guaranteed!), but I wonder what the T&Cs actually are. What happens if the site goes down or ir the host goes belly-up? Can pixel “owners” request refunds? Did the student pre-pay for the 5 years of hosting (at least $9.95/mo for 65,000 MB txfr times 5 years = $597, not including additional bandwidth, if needed)? Maybe the hosting provider gave him a deal: I’m sure this has given them a decent amount of publicity, too.

How many copy cat sites already exist?

Alas, poor sod: he’s gonna have a hefty income tax bill this year. Too bad he can’t spread it out over the 5 years.

Blog Template Changes

In anticipation of the New Year…
I’ve made some changes to my Blogger template. I was using a prefab template with some modifications.

Now, I’ve cleaned it up a bit, made some layout changes (e.g., no more rounded corner images), and moved the CSS rules to a separate file to reduce page load time.

del.icio.us linkroll

del.icio.us has (at long last) added JavaScript link roll functionality. Just add a JavaScript include to the page, and your del.icio.us links appear. A good set of options, including filtering by tag, in case you only want to show links tagged ‘website’ or ‘public’.

Right now, del.icio.us still seems to be predominantly tech, GTD/productivity, web stuff (take a look at the most popular tags)– much of which I find interesting. The signal to noise ratio (for me) is tolerable. I wonder what will happen when the masses jump on the bandwagon and the most popular tags become more general interest… I suppose at that point I’ll need to start filtering/ignoring out some of those tags.

It would be interesting if del.icio.us started suggesting items bookmarked by users with similar tags and bookmarks. Actually, I’d be surprised if they haven’t already started looking into this.

I wonder when a big player (Google, M$, Y!, Fox, etc.) is going to make a move to acquire del.icio.us?

Update: I suppose I could’ve poked around a bit more. Here is a blog post listing all kinds of del.icio.us tools. For instance, Outfoxed is a tool that lets you specify trusted "informers" to help make decisions about interesting/safe links.